What our baby mattress does

Pure Zees has been developed to dramatically reduce your baby's exposure to unhealthy allergens and irritants common in mattresses.

What makes the Pure Zees Baby Mattress unlike others?

There is a 1 in 5 Chance Your Child Will Suffer From Asthma & Allergies. Dust mites, Pollen & Pet Dander are main contributors to these diseases. Pure Zees, designed, patented and Made in IRELAND deals with these problems in an effective non-chemical way that unlike others is tested & proven. Our cot mattresses are the world's first ever to be certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Ireland.

The World's 1st asthma & allergy friendly® certified baby mattress

The World's 1st asthma & allergy friendly® certified baby mattress

What You DON'T Want From Your Baby's Mattress: 

Toxic flame retardant chemicals - dust mite killing chemicals -  bacteria & mold prevention chemical fabric treatments - poo, urine, vomit getting inside core - unsubstantiated hypoallergenic claims.

Did you know that 92% of baby mattresses in a New York crib mattress report were discovered to contain chemicals of concern or allergens. Read more about this report

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Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Ireland Certification Program

⭐ Certification means that our baby mattress has been tested and proven in its effectiveness to considerably reduce exposure to allergens and irritants such as house dust mites, pollen, pet dander and certain unwanted manufacturing chemicals.

⭐ Pure Zees wanted to be different and be in the position to say truthfully that all our claims are proven and true.

⭐ We believe that our cot mattress has gone through more testing than any other on the market to ensure that your baby will be sleeping on a healthier and safer baby mattress.

⭐ We have only one model of baby mattress because what we have developed is absolutely perfect in its design and its method that to have any variations would be pointless.

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Dust mites on a baby mattress, Dust mites increase the chances of asthma & allergies in children.

A Natural Barrier to Dust Mites

Dust mites increase the chances of asthma & allergies in children.  And did you know that more than 96% of homes have dust mites?

Our cot mattress reduces exposure to dust mites for your baby without the use of chemicals. Ask yourself, why add dust mite killing chemicals to your baby's environment when there is a better & safer non-chemical way of doing the job?

In 2021 Pure Zees was awarded a patent for its unique way of creating a chemical free barrier against dust mites.

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Baby sleeping on pure zees cot mattress that has no flame retardant chemicals making it non toxic.

Zero Fire Retardant Chemicals

By European law, all baby mattresses have to be flame retardant.  

In 2018 the European Chemicals Agency identified a higher cancer risk for children from exposure to the flame retardants used in baby mattresses because of the long duration of contact. Babies will spend approximately 14 hours a day on their mattress. 

Thanks to new breakthrough fabrics & materials, we have built a baby mattress that does not require any of these obnoxious chemicals. It is inherently flame retardant and a major step forward in baby mattress manufacturing.

Learn More on how we avoid Fire Retardant chemicals
A major advantage with the Pure Zees baby mattress is that it's waterproof while still being breathable for your baby’s skin.

Waterproof & Breathable

A major advantage with the Pure Zees baby mattress is that it's waterproof while still being breathable for your baby’s skin.

We manage this by using a advanced technical microporous cover that prevents the liquids and mess going into the mattress while keeping baby from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable which is a big problem with many so called breathable waterproof protectors & covers.

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  • Sleeping soundly


    Our little one has been using this cot bed mattress for over a year and she sleeps soundly right through the night. There's no sign of indentation, the top cover washes and dries quickly plus with a history of asthma with part of the family she doesn't experience any problems. She loves her mattress, can't recommend it enough. We've used other mattresses before and none of them last like this one does, really brilliant product.
    Philip Murphy - Google review

  • No odour


    Getting this proactively as my elder child is asthmatic. Tried a few "natural" mattresses, wool and cotton, but they all had an odour. This is the first one I can't pick up anything off of. Easy wipe down, lightweight
    Paul - Google Review

  • Extremely happy


    Couldn't be happier. Firm baby mattress, super easy & practical to clean after the many many many many accidents. My baby is sleeping very well, and I feel more comfortable and at ease.
    Kate Molloy

  • Amazing mattress


    Excellent mattress...my 20 month old has been sleeping on it for almost a year and sleeps great. It’s clearly very comfortable, easy to clean and still in perfect condition. Reassuring to know it results in a safe and healthy sleep. I just purchased another one for my new baby. Great customer service also when I had a few questions about the product.

An Amazing Testimonial

"equivalent of several weeks of his skin healing overnight"

*Pure Zees is proven to help protect against dust mites building up in the mattress. Dust mites can contribute to certain skin conditions & the development of asthma and allergies in babies.

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Learn More how Dust Mites can cause asthma or allergies

A Baby Mattress With New Era Design and New Era Components

"there is a very good reason for every element of our mattress design and construction"

So much thought about health and safety, simplicity and practicality went into our baby mattress. The new era components have allowed us bring everything together in the way that we wanted that would have been impossible a few years ago. That we were able to succeed in passing all safety standards to be adhered to in both Europe and the USA, along with the rigorous proprietary scientific testing required to be certified asthma & allergy friendly® was a challenge that we surpassed in creating a baby mattress that is absolutely more healthier and better for your babies sleep environment.  

Learn More on how we developed the perfect baby mattress