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Green Washing - not being completely honest with the consumer

A survey in the USA indicated that 92% of baby mattresses were found to contain chemicals of concern or allergens. So this is not something that you are likely to get away with, if you take a chance.

And ‘greenwashing’, where companies offer some “green” components but do not take meaningful steps to ensure products are free of toxic chemicals is running at a rate of 20%, according to the same study.

The baby mattress market, of all markets, should be ethical, decent and honest. The decisions we make here can impact a blameless baby for life and it is frankly sickening to see this kind of sharp practice at work.

What is a new parent to do when the large baby mattress companies can get up to this kind of thing?

Fair disclosure. Purezees baby mattress has been independently and scientifically tested for VOCs, harmful chemicals, barrier to allergens (including dust mites and pet dander) and liquids and passed every test. The certification standard we carry is approved by the largest advocacy body in the world for asthma and allergies. So we have a vested interest in dishing out the following advice.

Check the packaging and/or with your retailer that the claims made by the brand are independently validated by a respected and reliable third party. Don’t accept anything wishy washy from the retailer (the good ones will be all over this) as they may be just looking for the sale. If they can’t give you any detail of the certification body then walk away.

Click here to learn more: The Mattress Matters – Protecting Babies from Toxic Chemicals While they Sleep’, a survey completed by Clean and Healthy New York and the American Sustainable Business Council.

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