Pure Zees baby mattress skin healing testimonial thanks to elimination of dust mites

Our Best Pure Zees Baby Mattress Testimonial Yet

“It was the equivalent of several weeks of his skin healing, overnight. It was incredible.”

Please Note: Pure Zees does not claim its baby mattress to be a cure for eczema or dermatitis. However, it does afford a proven protection against dust mites building up in the core of the mattress and dust mites can contribute to certain skin conditions, the development of asthma and/or allergic rhinitis. The account below is a true customer story.

Andrew Hynes and his wife were getting desperate. Their son was approaching one year old and he had a skin condition that was not good at all. As Andrew put it ‘You’d put him to bed in the evening and it wouldn’t be too bad. Then in the morning it was kind of like chemical burns on his skin, especially on exposed areas, face and hands. 

“When it appeared we had him examined. ‘Dermatitis’ and ‘eczema’ were thrown about, but we didn’t really know what it was. People are very quick to fob you off as new borns and first time parents, that maybe you are being overly cautious. We had tried other products that seemed to have reduced the effect of it, maybe a little bit, but never made a massive difference". 

“I had been intrigued by the Pure Zees packaging and I took a bit of a chance on it, because I didn’t know that the problem was dust mites at the time. We were trying anything and everything to try to alleviate the symptoms. Literally, the night I purchased it we decided to use it, desperate to find something that would work. The next morning, it was like a new skin on him. He hadn’t shown anything worse and what was already there had diminished massively. It was night and day. It was the equivalent of several weeks of his skin healing, overnight. It was incredible. You maybe feel sometimes that people don’t believe you when you are explaining it, because it sounds so incredible. 

“We thought that could be a one off chance or a fluke, so we continued to use it and things only improved. Then over a period of time, we noticed a slight reaction again. We thought that the dust mites had maybe accumulated to a certain level, so we went back and washed the mattress, cleaned it and the same thing happened – one night’s use made a massive difference. We knew then that the mattress was playing a part in it. 

“I couldn’t be happier". 




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