Which baby mattress is best?

Which kind of baby mattress is best?

With so many baby mattresses to choose from it is a very difficult decision as to which kind of baby mattress is best? Baby mattress manufacturers all more or less make the same claims with a few extra USP's here and there.

My belief is that most manufacturers in our industry take some of their claims from the component or fabric makers and utilise these in their own marketing. Fair enough! or is it? We have seen it too many times in any industry where the wool is pulled over our eyes and you only have to look at Volkswagen for the most blatant scandal against the trusting consumer. 

When we started to develop our baby mattress, some of the first components we tested we were told by the makers that they met the specifications we were buying into. Guess what? they didn't. The component makers in question did not expect us to go and actually test their product specs. But because we were involved from day one with the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Ireland program, and wanting to be part of their certification program, we had to test every single component that made up our baby mattress in their partner test houses. And then as a whole product it had to go into a VOC test chamber to check for any harmful emissions. Because of these tests and checks, we were able to find the perfect components and be in the unique position to be able to completely substantiate all our product claims. 

If someone wanted a concise summary of this website and to know why the Pure Zees baby mattress is so brilliant then this is it below. Not exactly in a nutshell but in three minutes you will have a good idea why you should choose our baby mattress over our competitors. And above all, that any claims we make are all honest and true and we hope put you at your ease that you really are giving your baby a healthier and safer sleep environment.


The Pure Zees Method

The Pure Zees baby crib mattress with its special design and assembly reduces the chances of a baby being over-exposed to dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mould and certain chemicals and their odours which can lead to a child becoming more prone to suffering from asthma & allergies.

Our design uses a special fibre core that is covered by a unique microporous material (waterproof and breathable fabric) that is a safe non-chemical permanent physical barrier that prevents dust mites from getting within the mattress core in the first place, while at the same time providing an easy surface to wipe down and eradicate dust mites and their faecal pellets, along with the pollen and pet dander when done as part of a regular care regime.

Other manufacturers use chemical treatments to kill the dust mite. The problem with this method is that chemicals cannot kill the actual allergen which is the dust mite droppings, and before dying from the chemical the dust mite can still leave behind its faecal pellets. These same so-called anti-allergy chemical treatments will not have an effect on the other allergen triggers – pollen and pet dander. The treatment chemicals will also washout over time and lose their efficiency. Then there is the obvious fact that they are also introducing a chemical that kills organisms which should be of great concern to a new parent with its possible effect on the health of their baby.

Flame Retardants

All baby mattresses are required by law to be flame retardant. Almost all mattresses with foam require FR chemicals to make them flame retardant. According to a European Chemicals Agency report in April 2018, they identified a cancer risk from the use of FR chemicals, and in particular a greater risk when used in baby mattresses because of the large surface area and the long duration of contact a baby will have with the mattress surface. A baby will spend on average 14 hours a day on their mattress.

The Pure Zees baby mattress is inherently flame retardant. Due to the special fibre core and the covering materials, no FR chemicals are required. All Fire Retardancy tests for the EU, UK and USA have been passed.

Bacteria and Mould

Another concern for parents of new-born babies is the possibility of bacteria and mould within the baby mattress due to the occurrence of wet accidents (poo, urine, vomit, dribble etc). Some manufacturers use chemical treatments such as biocides and probiotics to try and deal with this. PAN (Pesticide Action Network of Germany) say that these types of fabric treatments are not harmless. These are hazardous substances that are designed to damage organisms. Many also have undesired side effects that further harm health or the environment.

The Pure Zees solution to this is to stop any liquid mess from entering the mattress core in the first place. Our microporous barrier cover does this while most importantly still allowing the baby’s skin to breath unlike normal waterproof covers used by other manufacturers. This means the baby stays comfortable and with less overheating, and the mattress core avoids the chances of bacteria and mould growth within the mattress and all without using chemicals. 

Comfort Physiology Characteristics of Ticking Fabric

As the ticking fabric of the mattress will be in contact with the baby's skin, it is vital that it has the ability to draw the moisture (sweat) away from the baby’s body so that the baby does not lie on a very damp surface. Our comfort cover has been shown to also dry quickly. It meets test requirements for shrinkage after washing. It was designed to be elasticated for easy removal and placing back on because of the many liquid accidents babies have and the extra cleaning and care required for it. Zip fitted covers used by most other manufacturers, because of the hassle factor of removing and putting back on, tend to lead to less diligence and frequency of proper wash and care practice. 

Microporous Encasement Cover

This has a low water vapour transmission and high air permeability in comparison. The certification program of AAFA (Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America) and ASL (Allergy Standards Limited) AAFA (Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America) specified that the material be waterproof to keep liquids out of the mattress core as well as dust mites while still giving a level of comfort to the baby by not causing them to sweat. This meant that the material had to also have an air permeability below a certain RET value (scientific measurement term) in order to obtain this.

Both the ticking cover and the encasement cover as well as the mattress core filling are Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you look at the following link https://purezees.ie/pages/a-baby-mattress-with-new-era-design-and-new-era-components

 to find out more about our unique mattress design and construction that allows us to be the most perfect baby mattress in the world.

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