Pure Zees US Cot Bed Mattress 70 x 132 cm

€198.00 EUR

asthma & allergy friendly® certified Cot Bed Mattress (70 x 132 x 14 cm) for Newborns and Toddlers

World’s first ever baby mattress tested, proven and certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Ireland certification program.

✯ Anti-dust mite using a non-chemical physical barrier method. No unnecessary dust mite killing treatment chemicals that could affect your baby's health.

✯ A non-chemical physical barrier method that keeps the mess out. No antimicrobial biocide treatments used as these are known to damage living organisms.

✯ Inherently flame retardant with no nasty or dangerous fire retardant chemicals necessary.

✯ Tested to EU, US & UK Fire Safety Standards. And this is an extremely good reason why we don't use foam and spring.

✯ First baby mattress in the world to be tested, proven and certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

✯ 100% Waterproof while still breathable for a baby’s skin due to an advanced microporous material. Impermeable to urine, vomit and other liquid messes. No extra waterproof cover purchase required. Especially practical requiring only an easy wipe down. What's really special about our waterproof cover though is that it truly is SKIN BREATHABLE and has been tested and proven by the certification program. Most waterproof covers when they say breathable can be very misleading and may actually cause your baby to become sweaty and uncomfortable.

✯ REUSABLE - Thanks to the above mentioned waterproof encasement cover which is sealed and permanently attached to the mattress core preventing contamination. It's special surface can be simply wiped down and cleaned for use by your next baby. 

✯ Comfort cover made of a special microfilament fabric designed to wick away the moisture and allow for quicker drying thanks to ability for air to move in and around. Not zipped but elasticated for major practicality when wash and care of mattress is required. You will thank us for this in the early hours of the morning.

✯ Designed without quilting or raised edges which are the most prominent areas for gathering of dust and lint - the infamous dust bunnies. Now you are getting the idea about a healthier sleep environment and that its not just the chemicals we look at.

✯ Super lightweight at less than 3kg for easy turning and rotating.

✯ Passed the AAFA VOC Chamber Test for detection of harmful chemicals.

✯ Patented design & Made in Ireland. Whats inside our Baby Mattress? 

Meets EU & UK Safety Standards and Cot Bed Size Standard

EU-geprüft auf giftige Chemikalien und Sicherheit

Wussten Sie, dass 92% der Babymatratzen in einem führenden US-Matratzenbericht besorgniserregende Chemikalien oder Allergene enthalten? Diese würden von schlechten Matratzenkomponenten und Chemikalien stammen, die während der Herstellung eingeführt wurden, einschließlich sehr böser feuerhemmender Chemikalien und Anti-Staubmilben- und Anti-Bakterien-Chemikalien.

Und seit 2017 besteht eine neue EU-Sicherheitsrichtlinie darauf, dass Hersteller von Babymatratzen testen, ob ihre Matratzen fest genug für Babys sind. Es gibt jetzt eine spezielle Festigkeitsprüfung um sicherzustellen, dass alle in der EU angebotenen Babymatratzen diesen Sicherheitsstandard erfüllen.

asthma and allergy friendly certified baby mattress

Nicht nur am besten für Asthma und Allergien, sondern für alle Babys

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