A Baby Mattress With New Era Design and New Era Components

"there is a very good reason for every element of our mattress design and construction"

So much thought about health and safety, simplicity and practicality went into our baby mattress. The new era components have allowed us bring everything together in the way that we wanted that would have been impossible a few years ago. 

That we were able to succeed in passing all safety standards to be adhered to in both Europe and the USA, along with the rigorous proprietary scientific testing required to be certified asthma & allergy friendly® was a challenge that we surpassed in creating a baby mattress that is absolutely more healthier and better for your babies sleep environment.  

Design Reasoning:

The Pure Zees baby mattress has no raised edges and no fancy stitched quilting that others will normally brag about. Why not? Because these areas on a mattress are ideal for dust, dust mites, pollen, lint etc to gather and get stuck in and become difficult to get rid of. Our complete lack of quilting and raised edging makes its less likely for these gatherings and is also far easier to wash and eradicate. This is the beginning of a healthier sleep surface for your baby.

Pure Zees baby mattress with no raised edge or quilting in order to avoid gathering of dust and pollen

The Pure Zees baby mattress does not used a zipped comfort cover normally preferred by others. We have seen how difficult it can be to remove these zipped covers and even more difficult to put back on after washing. This difficulty can encourage a reluctance to wash the cover if it is not vomit or urine related. Our comfort cover is elasticated and super simple to remove for washing and super simple to put back on. So simple in fact that you will naturally be more diligent and frequent in your wash and care regime which is ultimately better for the health of your baby. 

Component Breakdown:

1 - Inner Core - hi-tech naturally flame retardant special polyester fiber core. Not all polyester fiber is the same.

  • Ours has been tested for harmful emissions and irritants in a VOC chamber test.
  • Ours is of a texture and construction that we are able to make a firmer and more durable core that is safer for your baby.
  • We have been able to avoid using foam, even CertiPUR-US foam, as any polyurethane foam risked failing the VOC chamber test for harmful chemical emissions that our mattress goes through for certification. 

The vital aspects here is that not only do we not have to add in any toxic FR chemicals for flame retardancy, but that the fiber is of such a construction that it is firm enough for your baby's safety and not sag under the weight of you baby's head. 

Read more here about our no nasty chemicals added flame retardant testing 

Cot mattress firmness is one of the attributes that the new European Standard for Cot Mattress Safety Requirements (EN16890:2017) tests for. You can see how they do this is in the graphics below:

baby mattress firmness test pass baby mattress firmness test fail

They take the mattress, place it on a hard surface, and place on it a heavy metal ball 2.5 kg (to represent the weight of a baby’s head) inside a metal frame with a hole in it. The hole in the metal frame is a bit bigger than the size of the ball, so that when the ball is first placed inside the metal, it should not touch the edge of this hole if the mattress is firm enough. They do this in three different positions on the cot mattress – in the center, in a corner and somewhere between the two. But! If after five minutes the ball is found to be touching the inner circumference of the metal frame, then it’s because the mattress has sagged and therefore is not firm enough. It therefore fails the safety test.


pure zees baby mattress firmness test

If they find that the ball is not touching the inner edge after 5 minutes they then proceed onto the second part of the firmness test. The mattress is pounded 10,000 times in two of the positions and they again repeat the metal ball test to see if this time the ball touches the inner circumference edge of the metal frame. If it does it fails the firmness test. Above is an image showing our mattress passing this test. You can clearly see that the metal ball is not sinking in and touching the inner circumference edge of the metal plate. 

2 - Microporous Barrier Cover - This is the magic barrier layer. It is permanently encasing the mattress core and never removed. 

waterproof and breathable microporous baby mattress encasement cover

The vital requirements for this component are:

  • that it completely stops any liquid mess or wet accidents from going inside of the mattress core (otherwise we risk bacteria and mold
  • that it stops the passage of dust mites getting into the core and having a poo party (its their poo pellets that become the allergen trigger)
  • that although waterproof, it will still allow baby's skin to breathe otherwise it will cause a clammy environment for your baby and create a great discomfort due to overheating and more sweating than normal. Gore-tex  invented this type of waterproof, breathable fabric membrane in 1969 and since then these microporous materials have become better and better. Ours has a very good low ret value meaning great skin breathability while crucially being still waterproof to keep the mess out. Many mattress toppers or mattress covers will say breathable as an over exaggerated marketing claim on their product, but ours has gone through the tests to prove and completely substantiate what we are claiming. And this we are very proud of. In essence, if a product says its waterproof and breathable and yet is somehow still very cheap, then this is where I would be quite dubious. Quality does cost extra and this would be our most expensive component, but because of it's amazing properties it is vital to our whole baby mattress concept.
  • a surface that can be easily wiped down to eradicate the build up and exposure to dust mites and their poo. Anti dust mite chemicals will never take care of the poo which is the trigger.
  • a surface that can be easily cleaned of wet accidents, especially in the early hours of the morning when we are tired and falling off our feet, yet we know that we need to get baby back onto a clean and healthy sleeping surface ASAP. While not so possible or easy with inconvenient zipped covers and wet mattress cores, but so quick and easy with our super microporous material and dry core that we are all back in bed and comfortably asleep in no time at all. 
  • a surface that can be easily cleaned of pollen, dust, pet dander, and dry dead skin cells (the dust mites food).
This microporous encasement cover has also been tested in accordance with US regulations and found to have no harmful chemicals or phthalates.

3 - Elasticated Comfort Cover - a polyester unique microfilaments material developed in Europe. It combines softness with optimal micro ventilation. What this simply means is that the airflow ability of the material will carry the moisture away and help evaporate any sweat. It is a temperature control that will not be a cause of overheating for your child. It is easy to hand or machine wash at 40°C and tumble dry at low temperatures. This material makes it a very comfortable sleeping surface for your baby. 

You need to use sheets on top of this and probably a high grade cotton is best. For those concerned with eczema it is very important to realize that your baby is not in contact with the polyester when you have a bed sheet on top. 

That's it or "Sin é" as we say in Ireland - Plenty of Thought, Simplicity & Practicality in design while creating a Superior Healthy & Safer Sleep Environment for your baby which is backed up by scientific testing by AAFA & ASL - the asthma & allergy friendly® certification partnership.