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Pure Zees Baby Mattress Reviews

Sleeping soundly
Our little has been using this cot bed mattress for over a year and she sleeps soundly right through the night. There's no sign of indentation, the top cover washes and dries quickly plus with a history of asthma with part of the family she doesn't experience any problems. She loves her mattress, can't recommend it enough. We've used other mattresses before and none of them last like this one does, really brilliant product.
Philip Murphy - Google review
Amazing mattress
Excellent 20 month old has been sleeping in it for almost a year and sleeps great. It’s clearly very comfortable, easy to clean and still in perfect condition. Reassuring to know it results in a safe and healthy sleep. I just purchased another one for my new baby. Great customer service also when I had a few questions about the product.
Avril - baby mattress reviews
No odour
"Getting this proactively as my elder child is asthmatic. Tried a few "natural" mattresses, wool and cotton, but they all had an odour. This is the first one I can't pick up anything off of. Easy wipe down, lightweight"
Paul - Google Review
Extremely happy
Couldn't be happier. Firm baby mattress, super easy & practical to clean after the many many many many accidents. My baby is sleeping very well, and I feel more comfortable and at ease.
Kate Molloy - baby mattress reviews

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