Bacteria in baby mattresses

Bacteria generally gets into the core of a baby mattress because of wet accidents.

Poo, urine, vomit, dribble, bottle mishaps and any liquid mess in general that gets into the mattress core interior stands a good chance of causing bacteria growth and mold to develop if the conditions are right.

This can create an unhealthy environment for any baby to sleep in. If you suspect bacteria or mold, we would advise that you should remove the baby mattress from the cot.

Most people generally use a mattress protector to prevent liquids getting into a cot mattress. But there is the possibility they don't always function properly. They might not be waterproof enough. And made from a material with unwanted phthalates (unfortunately common enough). They can still let liquids in and around the sides of the mattress. Can cause your baby to overheat and be uncomfortable. And they cost extra money. 

Other manufacturers are starting to introduce antimicrobial treatments into the cover fabrics indicating that whatever they are using is healthy. These biocides, probiotics, and in some cases nano technology, are known as impregnation treatments . However some worldwide health organisations will point out that we don’t yet know long-term if there are any possible negative effects on our health from the use of biocides in mattresses such as one example silver.

PAN International (Pesticide Action Network) say that there is a real possibility that the use of biocides in textiles and mattresses could lead to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria and this has already been indicated by several laboratory studies. They also say that biocides could pose a direct threat to human health if they lead to the survival of some harmful bacteria which are resistant to antimicrobial products. Its like the antibiotics story, the more we use them, the less effective they become due to the resilience the microbes develop. 

Pure Zees do not use any treatments to defeat the dust mite or bacteria

Ours is a safe non-chemical physical barrier method. This stops the passage of dust mites and liquids that cause the bacteria and mold developing in the first place. And it will work for the entire duration of the mattress’s proper use. And besides the health concerns with the other methods, they will also wash out over time and lose their effectiveness.

use of biocides may not be such a good thing to prevent bacteria in baby mattresses
  1. Cot mattress size 120 x 60 cm

  2. Cot Bed mattress size 140 x 70 cm

  3. US Cot Bed mattress size 132 x 70 cm

To sum up, The best way to prevent bacteria in baby mattresses is not with chemicals. But with a physical barrier such as the method Pure Zees have created.