Most Incredible Testimonial Ever

Andrew is a store manager in a baby and parenting goods store in Sligo, Ireland. His baby boy suffered from a skin allergy that was proving difficult to contain. They tried their best using expensive dermatological creams which would have limited effects on his condition. Koolkidz the store had just taken stock of the Pure Zees baby mattress very soon after it was launched, and Andrew having absorbed the product information given thought it was worth a try to see if the baby mattress would have any beneficial effect for his son.

Watch this amazing video testimonial from Andrew to hear his story about what happened when he placed his baby boy on the Pure Zees mattress the very first night. 

“equivalent of several weeks of his skin healing overnight”


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Pure Zees does not claim to be a cure for eczema or dermatitis. But it does afford a proven protection against dust mites building up in the mattress. Dust mites can contribute to certain skin conditions & the development of asthma and allergies.

Pure Zees recommend good high quality cotton fitted sheets for use with our baby mattresses. We advise that you should always use fitted sheets on top of the elasticated comfort cover.

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