We're not organic, we're better

We could have gone down the organic route but during our long and arduous research we saw the reality that organic was not the way to make a better safer healthier baby mattress for the asthma & allergy concerned. 

Some organic baby mattress manufacturers depending on their mattress construction have to use dubious dust mite killing chemicals. But ask yourself these questions - what other living organisms are vulnerable to these chemicals? and are they putting your baby at risk? A small baby is much more susceptible to chemicals and environmental hazards than an adult and the introduction of any chemical is putting a baby at risk of possible unknown ill effects. 

Other organic baby mattress manufacturers make the claim that because of their wool, cotton, latex, coconut coir components, and whatever else they may use, that the dust mite because of the dry environment cannot survive in their baby mattress. This is absolute nonsense. Dust mites do not differentiate between the materials they are populating as it is the millions of dead skin cells and moisture from our bodies that they are feeding off. It does not matter one bit if its wool etc. If there are dead skins cells around then they are there to feed. And it is important to note that it is actually the dust mite poo that becomes the allergen, so even if they don't like a particular environment and are just passing through, they are still leaving that allergen behind them. 

Some organic mattress manufacturers because of their materials may have to use flame retardant chemicals to obey the compulsory FR laws. There are some organic baby mattresses that are nearly pure organic throughout but they require the FR treatment. 

And some so called organic baby mattresses are what we call green washed. They say organic but cut them open and you find plenty of man made components covered by an organic fabric. Not entirely truthful.  

Greenwashed organic so not really 100%

At Pure Zees we love organic products but only if they are as close to 100% pure organic as possible (we understand sometimes why 100% is not possible), but for the perfect baby mattress without the horrible add in chemicals and dealing effectively with dust mites as we envisioned it, organics was not a runner.