Pure Zees Company Information

The World's first asthma & allergy friendly® infant mattress.

Founded 2012 in Ireland, Pure Zees knew the baby mattress needed improving and set about bringing it into the modern era by developing it to the criteria set by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. Our goal was to produce an infant mattress that dealt effectively with the concerns of the asthma & allergy concerned parent, not use foam which always requires dubious chemicals, substantiate all our product claims, and meet 100% all safety standards and regulations. Made in Ireland for the USA and European markets.

Having represented quite a few good and reputable brands in the baby & parenting sector over the last 20 years, Irish brothers Declan and David Power strongly believed that one product could be improved upon – the baby mattress. Both always felt (or should we say smelt) that there were too many unnecessary chemicals which are not good for the baby being put into baby mattresses, whether they be chemicals for flame retardancy (a US and EU law requirement) or fabric additions to take care of dust mites. They asked themselves if they could improve on this? And if so, who were the experts who could help? The answer they found was the asthma & allergy friendly certification program asthmaandallergyfriendly.com/USA/ because of three important reasons:

  1. Because of the people behind the program, the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), and Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL). Together they establish the standards and scientific testing for a product or service to be certified.
  2. Their stance against empty, unproven and unregulated marketing claims such as “hypoallergenic” or “allergy free”
  3. Confidence from seeing well-known brands such as LG, 3M and Dyson to name but a few, who also participate in the certification program.

With guidance from AAFA and ASL along with Declan’s and David’s own perseverance, they finally nailed down the magic new era components and succeeded in how to piece them together to create what they strongly believe to be the perfect baby mattress.

  • A healthier mattress thanks to the elimination of fire retardant chemicals while being inherently flame retardant, dealing effectively with the dreaded dust mites and other known allergen triggers without adding chemicals, and keeping the usual baby liquid mess out of the mattress by way of a hi-tech microporous breathable waterproof encasement cover.
  • A safer mattress thanks to a denser and more advanced polyester core that allowed us to avoid using chemical laden foam and be one of the first baby mattresses in Europe to pass the new firmness requirement test in the EU safety regulations for baby mattresses initiated in 2017.
  • Super practical due to getting rid of the tricky zip covers, quilting and raised edges where lint, dust and dust mites gather in their thousands, and introducing a much simpler easier care and clean regime that even the most exhausted of parents in the early hours of the morning will be able to deal with.

Pure Zees is the World's FIRST asthma & allergy friendly® CERTIFIED baby mattress, and because of all the product testing, features and benefits, and wholly substantiated claims - not only should it greatly appeal to the asthma and allergy concerned parents, but also to those parents generally concerned with unnecessary chemicals in their baby’s mattress, and one that is super easy to maintain for the better health and safety of their baby.

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