Risky Baby Mattress Fabric Treatments

While other manufacturers use anti dust mite chemicals to treat their mattress fabrics, we see this as rather risky method of dealing with one problem to only then possibly cause another. Babies are much more susceptible to chemicals (even small doses) and that these anti dust mite chemicals could cause possible harm to their health. The safer Pure Zees way is to use a tested and proven simultaneous waterproof & breathable permanent barrier cover that prevents the dust mites from getting into the mattress in the first place. Remember that the allergen triggers come from the dust mite poo rather than the dust mite itself and that the chemicals used by others have no affect on the poo which remains in and on the mattress after the dust mite has gone, and that the dust mites will poo before they die from the chemical. 

Other manufacturers are also starting to introduce treatments into the cover fabrics to deal with possible bacteria & mold problems caused by wet accidents on the baby mattress. They will say that whatever they are using is healthy. These impregnation treatments are known as biocides, probiotics, and nano technology in some cases. However some worldwide organisations will point out that we don’t yet know long-term if there are any possible negative effects on our health from the use of biocides in mattresses such as one example silver. PAN International (Pesticide Action Network) say that there is a real possibility that the use of biocides in textiles and mattresses could lead to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria and this has already been indicated by several laboratory studies. They also say that biocides could pose a direct threat to human health if they lead to the survival of some harmful bacteria which are resistant to antimicrobial products.

The fact is that these above treatments are not necessary with the Pure Zees baby mattress. Our way is simply to use a barrier cover to stop the dust mites and bacteria causing liquids from getting inside the mattress core in the first place, and a surface that allows for easy wipe down, clean, dry, and effective eradication of these particular problems.