Volatile Organic Compounds aka VOC's

VOC's are naturally present as well as being man made and produced. VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds”. They are air pollutants which can have detrimental effects on human health by contributing to respiratory illnesses, and some VOCs are mutagenic or toxic to reproduction and harmful to the unborn.

Anything new introduced into our houses and especially the nursery room such as items of furniture and baby mattresses need time to out gas. That new product smell that most people seem to enjoy is the gradual evaporation over time of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Some of the chemicals including commonly used formaldehyde can be toxic and dangerous to our health.

Ideally we should try and avoid such products but at the very least we should allow them to air for a period of time before introducing them into our everyday living environment. Foam products particularly are big VOC offenders due to the chemicals used in production and also the use of fire retardant chemicals. Pure Zees use a very special fiber instead of foam which is inherently fire resistant and therefore have no need for the addition of fire retardant chemicals.

Our baby mattresses have been tested for harmful chemicals and VOCs and we are proud to say that they fall within the strict and tight criteria set down by the AAFA certification program and therefore offers a safer better option for your baby’s precious sleeping environment where they will spend most of their first years.