Why Certification Makes Us Brilliant

AAFA Certification makes our baby mattress brilliant because we have addressed the factors that other manufacturers have over indulged in - suspect polyurethane foam, springs, fire retardant chemicals, anti bacteria biocide treatments, anti-dust mite chemical treatments, and unsubstantiated product claims. Add to these the fact that achieving AAFA certification for a baby mattress is very difficult and presented a challenge, we took it on because we knew if we were successful, we would have an extremely good baby mattress that meets every parent and baby's needs. 

We set about researching, designing and developing our perfect mattress using their criteria. What is different about this particular program is that all testing is carried out by the Internationals Standards body Allergy Standards who are partners of the program with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It is they who develop the criteria and testing that a product must pass and not the company who manufactures the product. In order to achieve the certification mark, our mattress underwent and passed through a rigorous series of proprietary lab tests - proving it helped considerably reduce exposure to allergens and irritants, provided increased environmental control and withstood routine cleaning and care guidelines.

asthma & allergy friendly certified    asthma allergy foundation america

With our Pure Zees baby mattress, each component was subjected to individual tests as well as the overall product going into a chamber to check for unwanted levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) oozing out from it. It took us over two years to achieve certification. It was tough and took more time than we thought because the component selection was arduous. Just to give you one example - various fabric producers would say their material was waterproof and breathable but when tested it was not the case, it was either one or the other, or neither, but never both. Eventually we cracked it and found our perfect cover that gave us the holy grail of a barrier to keep out fluids and dust mites while still being very skin breathable in order to avoid excessive sweating and discomfort for baby. In fact these experiences made us realize the importance of having our vital product claims tested and substantiated by one of the oldest and most respected health advocacy organisations in the world because we sure came across a lot of false claims in our search for the perfect components. 

We believe that between all these tests carried out for the AAFA certification and  along with all the European and US safety tests that our baby mattress must be the most tested ever, and all for the good of a healthier and safer sleep environment for babies and of course the ultimate assurance for new parents.  

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